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Financial Benefits of Electric Car Rentals

By : Admin | 18 Nov 2023

The constantly changing landscape of transportation has seen the rise of electric cars as a game-changing option for not only individuals but also businesses looking to make a positive impact on both the environment and their finances.

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How to Choose the Right Rental Car for Your Needs

By : Admin | 26 sept 2023

Renting a car can offer convenience, flexibility, and freedom during your travels. Whether you're planning a road trip, a family vacation, or just need a temporary set of wheels, selecting the right rental car is crucial.

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Family Adventure with Tempo Traveller on Rent

By : Admin | 10 June 2023

India is a land of rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and enchanting marvels waiting to be explored. When it comes to family travel, renting a tempo traveller opens up a world of possibilities.

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Want To Make Your Wedding Day

Want To Make Your Wedding Day Stress-Free?

By : Admin | 14 Dec 2022

Heaven and earth are made for each other. Your match is as well. And today is your big day. And you want to make it a memorable event. Everyone wants to be treated like royalty on their wedding day

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Rent car To Discover Delhi

Get A Car For Rent To Discover Delhi

By : Admin | 23 Sept 2022

If you are new to Delhi and want to discover the city without any interference from tour guides, you have come to the right place. At Ajay Car Rental, you can rent a car yourself or get a designated driver and explore the city all on your own.

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Pune Travelling Guide: How To Get Around?

By : Admin | 16 Sept 2022

There has been a dramatic shift in the vehicle rental industry over the years. In response to changes in consumer behavior and more advanced technology, car rental demand has increased.

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Car Rental Tips
book car for Roadtrip

Book A Rental Car For Your Next Roadtrip!

By : Admin | 07 Sept 2022

Choosing the venue for a trip is simple, but selecting the driver is more complicated. In many cases, it is a question of trusting the driver or the service or being fit enough to drive on your own. A rental car could be the answer to all these questions.

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Why Book a car on rent at the Airport?

By : Admin | 12 Aug 2022

Have you ever paid exorbitant cab fares when traveling from the airport to your hotel? It can really put a damper on your mood and make you grumpy for the rest of your vacation.

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Car Rental Tips For The Holidays

By : Admin | 06 Aug 2022

Numerous folks will be planning to visit loved ones over the vacations. Some who live in cities would make an effort to see their dear ones during the holidays.

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Car Rental Tips

Your Guide To Cars With Different Boot Spaces

By : Admin | 26 July 2022

Hiring a car is popular, and it can be used for a variety of reasons, from getting around the city to a more expansive vehicle for a family vacation. The vehicle's storage capacity is just as important as the vehicle's passenger capacity and driving attributes.

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The Ultimate Car Rental Checklist

By : Admin | 19 July 2022

Going for a vacation and need something to steer you through your time around the city? Fret not, at ACR, you can hire a car of your choice and take it out for a ride to accompany you through your trip.

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Can You Move With A Rental Car?

By : Admin | 26 June 2022

When you're moving to a new place or region, renting a car can save you a lot of time and money. Anyone can expect to encounter it at some point in their lives.

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Why you should rent a car?

By : Admin | 13 Apr 2022

If you are someone who does not need a car on a regular basis, then a rental car is the perfect option for you. Buying a car requires a large investment and easily disrupts your budget.

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Pros of Hiring vehicle with ACR

By : Admin | 23 Mar 2022

Hiring a car or any vehicle on your own is beneficial in many ways. A rented vehicle provides you the comfort, privacy, and ease in your journey.

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Fascinating Tourist Spots in India

By : Admin | 9 Mar 2022

India is a nation brimming with culture, food, traditions, diversities, and so forth. In any case, there is one more aspect of India that we have continued to neglect for quite a while now.

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Places to visit with Ajay Car Rental
Car Rental In Gurgaon

How Can You Quick Surf A Car Rental Service?

By : Admin | 10 Feb 2022

However, both first-timers and seasoned visitors may find the entire procedure of hiring a car intimidating.Ajay Car Rental is seamlessly providing the safest means of commuting for their customers and corporate employees.

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The Most Economical Choice: One-Way Cab Rental In Gurgaon

By : Admin | 13 Jan 2022

Through professional chauffeur, Ajay car rental in Gurgaon has added a stress-free and comfortable travel experience to regular customers and travelers. Book a ride in the world of Ajay car rental and understand what makes us unique in our service

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Outstation Car Rental For Ski Seasons

By : Admin | 15 Dec 2021

Ski season is the most appropriate time to hit chilling and snowfall peak destinations with family and friends. Plan a perfect thrilling destination on the upcoming Christmas and New Year Eve for a blasting vacation trip with the outstation car rental

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Aspects You Keep In Mind While Renting Your Wedding Car

By : Admin | 1 Oct 2021

Choosing the car rental agency which provides a suitable luxury wedding car will perfectly be an added advantage in your event with the appropriate grandeur and decoration associated with the wedding. Choosing the right wedding car involves many aspects

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Book One Way Outstation Cab With Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 15 Sep 2021

ACR provides an incredible outstation car rental in Gurgaon which is amazing for all those who wish to get premium class cabs at the best cost. We are highly specialized in extending the most integrated long-term as well as short-term outstation car rental in Gurgaon.

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