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Why you should rent a car?

By : Admin | 23 Mar 2022

If you are someone who does not need a car on a regular basis, then a rental car is the perfect option for you. Buying a car requires a large investment and easily disrupts your budget.

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Pros of Hiring vehicle with ACR

By : Admin | 16 Mar 2022

Hiring a car or any vehicle on your own is beneficial in many ways. A rented vehicle provides you the comfort, privacy, and ease in your journey.

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Fascinating Tourist Spots in India

By : Admin | 9 Mar 2022

India is a nation brimming with culture, food, traditions, diversities, and so forth. In any case, there is one more aspect of India that we have continued to neglect for quite a while now.

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Places to visit with Ajay Car Rental
Car Rental In Gurgaon

How Can You Quick Surf A Car Rental Service?

By : Admin | 10 Feb 2022

However, both first-timers and seasoned visitors may find the entire procedure of hiring a car intimidating.Ajay Car Rental is seamlessly providing the safest means of commuting for their customers and corporate employees.

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The Most Economical Choice: One-Way Cab Rental In Gurgaon

By : Admin | 13 Jan 2022

Through professional chauffeur, Ajay car rental in Gurgaon has added a stress-free and comfortable travel experience to regular customers and travelers. Book a ride in the world of Ajay car rental and understand what makes us unique in our service

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Outstation Car Rental For Ski Seasons

By : Admin | 15 Dec 2021

Ski season is the most appropriate time to hit chilling and snowfall peak destinations with family and friends. Plan a perfect thrilling destination on the upcoming Christmas and New Year Eve for a blasting vacation trip with the outstation car rental

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Aspects You Keep In Mind While Renting Your Wedding Car

By : Admin | 1 Oct 2021

Choosing the car rental agency which provides a suitable luxury wedding car will perfectly be an added advantage in your event with the appropriate grandeur and decoration associated with the wedding. Choosing the right wedding car involves many aspects

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Book One Way Outstation Cab With Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 15 Sep 2021

ACR provides an incredible outstation car rental in Gurgaon which is amazing for all those who wish to get premium class cabs at the best cost. We are highly specialized in extending the most integrated long-term as well as short-term outstation car rental in Gurgaon.

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Bon Voyage With ACR

By : Admin | 31 Aug 2021

ACR provides you the opportunities to fulfill your objective of traveling across India. We offer tour and travel services in cities like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and many more cities, approximately 80 cities in India.

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Why Self Driving Cars Are So Famous?

By : Admin | 23 Aug 2021

Ajay Car Rental provides self-driving car rental services, providing you with the freedom and privacy you need through the convenience of self-driving. Whether it is a business trip or a holiday with your family, you can book a self-driving car rental in Gurgaon

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Benefits Of Car Rental Services In India

By : Admin | 20 Aug 2021

Car rental services are increasingly becoming the best substitute in moving from one destination to another. If you are visiting the next city or state and want to go home the next day, then car rental service is highly recommended

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Why Hire Self Driven Car From Ajay Car Rental?

By : Admin | 09 Aug 2021

Ajay Car Rental provides its customers with self-driving cars at very competitive prices, as well as a new, young, and well-maintained fleet that will bring you an unforgettable driving experience without stress.

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Make Your Trip Special With Acr’s Tempo Traveller

By : Admin | 05 Aug 2021

Ajay Car Rental provides tempo traveler in Gurgaon which offers you the freedom and privacy you need on your trips. Whether it is a business trip or a holiday with your family, you can book a tempo travellers rental in Gurgaon and explore different places with us.

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Airport Car Rental Services with ACR

By : Admin | 30 July 2021

Ajay Car Rental is emerging as a leading airport car rental service provider in Gurgaon. We have been serving Airport car rental and other car rental services since years.

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airport car rental

Hassle Free Car Rental Services In Gurgaon

By : Admin | 21 July 2021

With the help of Car Rental in Gurgaon, you can rent a car in Gurgaon without any doubts in your mind. Car rental services in Gurgaon have been made hassle free with the reliable Ajay Car Rental.

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Gurgaon To Outstation Taxi Services

By : Admin | 13 July 2021

ACR offers car rental in Gurgaon at reasonable rates and furthermore guarantee straightforwardness in charging process by sharing the point by point cost separation ahead of time with no shrouded charges for outstation cabs in Gurgaon.

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Get A Self Driving Car With Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 8 July 2021

Ajay Car Rental is a very customer friendly company where customer service and satisfaction come first. Ajay Car Rental provides self-driven cars to customers at very convenient prices.

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One Way Drop Services From Gurgaon

By : Admin | 2 July 2021

Ajay Car Rental is providing One Way Drop Services From Gurgaon / NCR. We offer to make it easy for clients to get the right car at the right price at the right time. Get the best deal on One Way Drop From Gurgaon.

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Special Airport Transfer with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 24 June 2021

With the airport transfer services in Gurgaon, offered by Ajay Car Rental, you don’t have to worry about knowing the easiest route to the airport or dreading forgetting your way around the airport because all that is taken care of by our well experienced chauffeurs.

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Outstation Taxi Hire in Gurgaon

By : Admin | 20 June 2021

When you crave to travel or to venture new locations outside your place of dwelling to another city within India, then Ajay Car Rental can procure outstation Taxis for a round-trip or as per your basic necessities.

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Ajay Car Rental- 4 layer safety to fight CORONA

By : Admin | 16 June 2021

We at Ajay Car Rental are taking the situation seriously and following new safety standards for riders and drivers by comprehensive set of measures in line with government advisory. We are fully committed to ensure the safety of our Riders and Drivers both.

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Ajay Car Rental for one way car rental service

By : Admin | 11 June 2021

It can become a big hassle to search and do one way taxi booking through local operators but through, you can book a package that allows you to explore and choose your preferred options in a cost-effective manner.

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One Way Taxi Rental Services in Gurgaon

By : Admin | 6 June 2021

One Way cab hire in Gurgaon, providing you the opportunity to connect to the city with a Oneway cab service plan offered. May it be a business trip or a weekend tour, you can have the cars at your doorstep at a guaranteed and reasonable low price.

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Corporate Car Rental

ACR Corporate Program – A Car for All Your Transport Needs

By : Admin | 2 June 2021

Whether it is daily pick up and drop or transferring an employee to the airport from your office, ACR is a one-stop solution for all your travel needs. Get the best-of-ride experience to the staff in your organization with our corporate car rental or business transport solution.

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Corporate Car Rental

Corporate Car Rental with ACR

By : Admin | 26 May 2021

Ajay Car Rental, known for reliable car rental service owns and operates a fleet of latest model luxury cars, vans and coaches. Ajay Car Rental is committed to providing a top-class service to its corporate clients under its corporate rental program.

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Employee Transportation with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 24 May 2021

Imagine all your employees of the company are on time daily. They are completely free from all the worries related to transportation, security and inconvenience during their office commute. We have made this possible now.

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Benefits of booking a cab online

By : Admin | 21 May 2021

The online cab booking option provides tons of add-on benefits. Individuals trying to find an inexpensive mode of transportation find them extra convenient and price effective as they supply special benefits in terms of special discounts and cash rewards.

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Why Hire Tempo Traveler By Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 17 May 2021

Ajay Car Rental, owner of the largest fleet of buses and services in Gurgaon and NCR, can help you tick off that one issue from your list that prevents you from travelling. We provide Tempo Traveller on rent in Gurgaon at reasonable rates/fares for travelers.

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Outstation Car Rental with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 08 May 2021

ACR Offers the best Innova Taxi & Car Hire in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Gaziabad for Outstation. We provide taxis services both for round and method trips at a really reasonable cost, thus providing a no hassle journey for our customers.

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Share your live location with GPS enabled Car Rental

By : Admin | 15 April 2021

Alike most of her friends, Kavya loves traveling. To an extent, that every opportunity is met with an on-road journey to new locations, into the woods, the mountains, or the adjoining cities. When you book your Ajay Car Rental ride, you’re assigned a driver

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Last-minute Weekend Plan with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 12 April 2021

A long weekend is close to starting and we’re sure the travel bug in your wandering soul is getting restless. If you haven’t made your bookings yet, here’s your genie to rescue you from a dull, boring weekend reception.

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Ajay Car Rental – Stress-free & comfortable ride

By : Admin | 08 April 2021

It’s either comfort or the heavy cost which matches with it. Terrible choice, but that's the truth of everything in life except travel, surely not Travel till the time Ajay Car Rental is on road. Ajay Car Rental is that the most successful intercity cab provider.

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Travel Safety Tips during Corona

By : Admin | 05 April 2021

We all understand that life doesn’t stop due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. People still got to get from one place to a different one. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, we here at Ajay car rental take responsibility for your safe pass

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All you should know about booking an Outstation Cab

By : Admin | 27 March 2021

Getting a cab nowadays has become easy with plenty of options to choose from. But can we really define an hour-long drive as a Journey? From the mindset to the preparations everything changes when you are booking an outstation journey. A reliable chariot is needed to steer your journey.

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One Way Car Rental Services with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 23 March 2021

Reaching a very new place and having no idea where you will get public transport is very common. In this case, you need to face a lot of time-consuming things. All of this can be avoided in the beginning if you would have booked a cab in the beginning. Booking a cab is such a relief as you don’t have to wait and you will get your cab at the right time.

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Economy Cars on Rent for Corporate needs at affordable prices

By : Admin | 19 March 2021

We Provide Luxury and Economy Cars on Rent for Corporate needs at affordable prices, We understand the inconvenience you would possibly face in arranging a driver. Through our chauffeur-driven cabs, we attempt to keep all pressures cornered in order that you'll concentrate only and only

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Self Drive Car Rental in Gurgaon

By : Admin | 15 March 2021

Ajay car rental provides you the self drive car services in Gurgaon, which provides you freedom of travelling and great fun of driving your favorite car within the city or outside city. Ajay car rental service in Gurgaon would be the good choice for the road trips, multi city

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Plan a trip to Manali with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 11 March 2021

Gurgaon to Manali may be a very attractive route for tourists because it provides attractions for all kinds of users, be it a family trip faraway from delhi heat, an adventure fan , a nature lover, couples on honeymoon

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Self Drive Car Rental for your Summer Vacations

By : Admin | 08 March 2021

As summers are coming closer, people are trying to find an extended gateway, faraway from the hustle-bustle of the town life and burning high temperatures. So people are watching the places to explore during

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Outstation car rental Services in Gurgaon

By : Admin | 06 March 2021

Our focus is to make your trip memorable We've several exciting offerings lined up, the foremost prominent being 'Package Offers' to key tourist and business destinations. Together with your support, these initiatives will transform road travel into even more memorable and exciting journeys.

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Best Cars on Rent with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 03 March 2021

Gurgaon the second largest city in Haryana also forms one among the four satellite cities of the NCR region. Car Rental in Gurgaon is that the most often used mode of transportation

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Corporate Car Rental in Gurgaon with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 01 March 2021

Is it accurate to mention that you simply are searching for corporate car rental in Gurgaon? Gurgaon is the second hottest city in India. If you come to Gurgaon first time and need to rent a car or cab then it going quite difficult because in Gurgaon it's very panic to settle on a good cab

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Corporate Car Rental with ACR

By : Admin | 24 Feb 2021

Visiting Gurgaon for business meetings or corporate conferences, but haven’t found the best car rentals, service provider? Meet the ACR Corporate! Standing out as an eminent and most-trusted Corporate Car Rental in Gurgaon,

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Looking for Quality Cab Services in Gurgaon?

By : Admin | 18 Feb 2021

The quality of the journeys is a very vital aspect in terms of the travelers. A smooth and soothing journey creates a kind of positive impact in the minds of travelers. This is the main reason that people often prefer the comfortable mediums of transport nowadays.

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Delhi to Agra Cab Service by Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 13 Feb 2021

We deal with your car rental service with the utmost reliability and affordability. We provide car rental service, keeping in mind customers’ requirements such as affordability, clean cars, knowledgeable drivers, and convenient travel.

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Why Choose Car Rental Services From Ajay Car Rental?

By : Admin | 08 Feb 2021

Car rentals are a great option that has been used by a lot of travelers in the 21st century. In fact, using a car rental; service will be the smartest move you will make for any travel because it helps you save a great deal of money.

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Best Car Rental in Gurgaon - Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 03 Feb 2021

Ajay Car rental is a leading company that offers a vast range of Luxury AC car hire rentals in Gurgaon. There are a number of options available with us that you can go for according to your needs and other preferences.

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Tips to Choose Vintage Wedding Car Rental

By : Admin | 21 Jan 2021

The marriage season has been on and most of us are for sure attending family and friends’ weddings or even ourselves are getting married. Marriage is a significant step that everyone takes and embarks on to a new phase or journey in their lives.

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Luxury Cars on Rent for Valentine’s Day

By : Admin | 16 Jan 2021

Valentine's day is just around the corner and soon everything from gift shops to flower shops will be coloured in red. Valentine's day is the day you celebrate with your loved ones whether it is your spouse, friends or family. It is the holiday of love and romance. Beautiful

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Make Your Trip a Memorable Ride - Travel With Ajay Car Rental.

By : Admin | 11 Jan 2021

It's the New years and the perfect season to travel. Many of us must be even planning to travel for the celebration of new year’s itself but due to the pandemic situation there are a few restrictions and rules that we have to abide by for everyone's safety. So, we must plan

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Celebrate New Year With Ajay Car Rentals

By : Admin | 06 Jan 2021

It's the New Year’s Eve and it's the most Beautiful time of year, spirit wise as well as travel wise. Most of us like to start off our new year's journey ahead with some kind of celebration denoting new beginnings. Some of us like to celebrate with our closed ones at home while others like to go all out by travelling to other places for new year's.

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Why buy a new car when you can rent them?

By : Admin | 28 Dec 2020

Having your own means of transportation can be a blessing as well as a headache. Blessing in the sense that you have an ease of travelling, going wherever you want at whichever time you want; you do not need to depend on anyone or anything else when you have your own car and,

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Rent your favourite car and fulfil your dreams

By : Admin | 23 Dec 2020

Travelling by a car can get you to your destination which can be very difficult to reach by public transportation or tour. It gives us the advantage of travelling on your own terms, in your own time and also it can be a cheaper alternative to public transportation when travelling in groups. Having your own car is a dream of many but the cost of buying and

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Rent your favourite car
car rental near me

How to get a car rental near me and get the best deal?

By : Admin | 19 Dec 2020

Every individual at some point has a dream of owning his own car. For many it is a medium to measure success and for some it is to fulfil their satisfaction and status needs. Whichever may be the reason everyone desires to own a car. As good as it sounds the cost of buying a car and maintaining it could be a hassle.

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Should You Consider Renting a Car for a Road Trip?

By : Admin | 13 Dec 2020

One of toughest challenges during travelling or vacation is trying to save money while also having a memorable time. You may also keep buying a plane ticket and opt for a road trip. Also, road trips are a more attractive mode of travel. You may also think that taking your own car for the road trip would be cheap but that is where you go wrong because it may not be

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Renting a Car for a Road Trip

Wedding car rental services with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 06 Dec 2020

This is' the season of weddings. The holiday season is over and it's time for you to get for the next big season, the season of big fat Indian weddings. For any individual one's wedding is one of the most precious and important

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Tips for Saving Money on Rental Car Service in Gurgaon

By : Admin | 29 Nov 2020

In today’s time, car rentals are the easiest and the most convenient way of traveling. Whenever looking for local travel, outstation, airport transfers, or wedding purposes, you can take the help of affordable car rentals in Gurgaon at Ajay Car Rental

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Affordable wedding car rental in Gurgaon

By : Admin | 17 Nov 2020

Indian weddings are known for glory and magnificence. It is the most important day in everyone’s life which the bride and groom wish to love throughout their life. Marriage is a lifetime bond as it is only celebrated just once and therefore, everyone wants to celebrate this in a way to have unforgettable memories throughout life.

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Affordable wedding car
Car on Rent In Gurgaon

How to Hire a Car on Rent In Gurgaon

By : Admin | 11 Nov 2020

As a traveler, you generally anticipate a safe and comfortable journey, as a best Corporate Transportation in Gurgaon we give a comfortable and secure vehicle to our customers. Especially, for the business customer, their time is valuable

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Gurgaon - Get A Ride At Your Doors With Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 05 Nov 2020

Gurgaon is a very pleasant and metro politician city in the Northern Indian state of Haryana. It is located in the Southwest of New Delhi. Gurgaon is very popular for its Technical Hubs and the Financial Hubs. This city is also known as Gurugram and this is the official name of Gurgoan.

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Enjoy A Hassle-Free and Trustworthy car Rental in Gurgaon with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 17 Oct 2020

Car rental is not a far-off concept anymore, many of us now prefer leasing a car against buying one. Renting a car doesn't pertain to only being financially right, but also has many other qualitative factors like safety, privacy, freedom, and convenience. Fitted in every budget, hire car services are easily available lately.

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Best tempo traveler in Gurgaon

By : Admin | 12 Oct 2020

The summers of Gurgaon are horrible, and you cannot even think of fighting with it and traveling in the heat. If you have been planning to move to Gurgaon to look around during the summers, you can find some relief in hiring a tempo from one of the best providers of Tempo Traveller on rent

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Best tempo traveler in Gurgaon
car rental good idea

Why do people think car rental is a good idea?

By : Admin | 04 Oct 2020

Car rental is not a far-off concept anymore, many of us now prefer leasing a car against buying one. Renting a car doesn't pertain to only being financially right, but also has many other qualitative factors like safety, privacy, freedom, and convenience. Fitted in every budget, hire car services are easily available lately.

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4 Reasons you will Need Corporate Transportation Services - part-1

By : Admin | 22 Sept 2020

Gone are the days when business deals were bound to office premises. These days, profitability comes from making the best of every opportunity that may originate from any aspect of the world. Consequently, business travel has become an essential need for every driving aggregate.

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Corporate Transportation Services
best Rental Car

How to Choose the Best Rental Car as per your Needs

By : Admin | 19 Sept 2020

Like every other travel experience, renting a car also needs some planning particularly when you are offered a bunch of decisions. To ensure that car employ won't become an issue, we chose to support you. There are few tips to get the best rental car for your holiday, however

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Wedding Car Rental for a Memorable Wedding

By : Admin | 14 Sept 2020

A wedding is a celebration of affection and commitment. It is a special day and you need to appreciate every second to the fullest. Like every couple, you will also not leave any stone unturned to ensure everything goes great.

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For what reason do people think CAR RENTAL is a GOOD IDEA

By : Admin | 09 Sept 2020

Vehicle rental is not an unfamiliar idea any longer. Numerous people currently prefer renting a car instead of buying one. Renting a car doesn't relate to simply being financially right, but also has numerous other factors like security, protection, freedom, and accommodation.

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An Essential Guide to Travel Amidst Covid-19

By : Admin | 04 Sept 2020

In the relatively recent past, you won't need to think a lot before traveling out to another state or nation. Nor did you mind going on public transports, like taxis or metro. But now, you need to think before stepping out of your home.

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Travel Amidst Covid-19

Booking a car? Travel safe with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 28 Aug 2020

In this pandemic, it is necessary to take all the safety precautions while traveling. The novel coronavirus pandemic has caught the world by storm and disrupted normal lives. From creating a bloodbath in the stock market to causing major upheavals in the travel and tourism industry, it has shaken most businesses across the globe.

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Safe Car Rental With Ajay Car Rental As Per Who Guideline

By : Admin | 21 Aug 2020

The world has changed post covid19 which has also resulted in changing our behavior; how we live, how we socialize, and how we travel. You may need to hire a car for various reasons whether it is to meet your family or friends or to go to work. Ajay Car Rental can offer you a safer and convenient chauffeur-driven car rental option to suit your requirements.

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Enjoy safe travel with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 05 Aug 2020

The impact of Covid-19 on everyday life has been colossal. It has changed the way we live; the way we work and the way we travel, probably forever. However, after being restricted to our homes for the last couple of months

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Tempo Traveller hire in Delhi: An easy going thing for you

By : Admin | 25 July 2020

Gurgaon is a wonderful city with various kinds of vehicles available for the comfortable journey. Ajay Car Rental is one such trusted car rental company in Gurgaon NCR that makes available various types of vehicles at affordable rates for the people

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Enjoy A Hassle Free Tour with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 20 July 2020

Travel doesn't become enjoyable for you unless you avail the car rental services of a trustworthy car rental company. Gurgaon is one among the most important cities within the country, where you'll find anything from the tiniest to the most important

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Car rental in Gurgaon - Make it easier with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 12 July 2020

Renting a car is not any such baffling problem because it won't be two or three decades back in Gurgaon. This has been made possible thanks to 24X7 availability of car rental services. These services are a boon for all those harried and wearied travellers, who often attend different destinations regarding their work.

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Know About Corporate Car Rental in Gurgaon

By : Admin | 07 July 2020

Spending hours in cabs picking up and dropping off employees that live nowhere on the same route can thus directly affect the productivity of employees. To avoid long routes that are a result of shared cabs,

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Employee Transportation in Gurgaon with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 02 July 2020

Imagine waking up to a good mood on a fresh day, setting out to work, and encountering a delay in public transport due to multitudinous reasons! Who would like to face such an inconvenience during their office hours? Thanks to corporate employee transportation service that not only saves time and increases the efficiency of the employees

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Make your trip memorable with Cabs services in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a wonderful and widest city in India, and it is known as the city where modernization meets history or heritage. It can be noted as a popular tourist destination. In such a city, cab service in Gurgaon is quite frequently demanded by the tourists.

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Book a Car

Benefits of booking a rental car in advance

Are you planning on a trip for the holidays? If yes, there are so many things you need to consider before actually deciding where to reach your holiday destination. With lots of preparations to do, you suddenly realize that your personal vehicle isn’t spacious enough to accommodate the heavy luggage.

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Cab Services in Gurgaon

Ajay Car Rental is one of the best cab services in Gurgaon, providing you luxury cab services. Whether you want a cab service at airport, want a cab for airport transfers, or want transport solutions for weddings, Ajay Car Rental does the job for you by giving the best cab service in Gurgaon.

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Tempo Traveler in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a wonderful city with various kinds of vehicles available for a comfortable and joyful journey. Ajay car Rental is one such trusted car rental company in Gurgaon that makes available various types of vehicles at affordable rates for the people.

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Let’s Fight Together With Coronavirus

At this difficult time when the news of coronavirus is dominated all over the world. We all know that this coronavirus impacted all global community and creates a huge pandemic in all over the world. We at Ajay car rental are aware of the pandemic of coronavirus.

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luxury-car -rental


If you thinks to take a luxury car on rent then there is lots of things you should keep in your mind while renting a car from any dealer or agency. At Ajay car rental offer lots of luxury cars on rent for various purpose.

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Ajay car rental is the leading corporate car rental service provider in Gurgaon, Delhi. We have a large no. of corporate vehicles like- Innova, Innova Crysta, Corolla Altis, Tempo Traveller, Buses, Swift Dzire, Etios, SX4, Camry, Accord, Corolla, and more

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Why Ajay Car Rental For Outstation Tour

There is no one who don’t loves tours. Everyone want to travel and make their life memorable. The tours can be inside a city, may be outside a city or may be outside the country, all tour have great memories

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Explore Incredible India

India is mysterious and multicultural with rich heritage and myriad attractions. It covered from the snow at Himalayan’s height and tropical rainfall in the south. Ajay tour and travel is the best car rental agency

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Wedding Car Rental Tips

Wedding Car Rental Tips

The most unforgettable time of the groom and the bride’s life is the wedding day. Everything should be perfect. One of the most important factors to consider is the mode of transport.

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Best Tempo Traveller Service in Gurgaon/India

India is known as an attractive, cultural and historical country which has many tourist destinations like adventure, wildlife, religious etc in which Mathura, Vrindavan, Agra, Shimla, Manali that are very popular for Holiday Trips.

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