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Booking a car? Travel safe with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 28 Aug 2020

In this pandemic, it is necessary to take all the safety precautions while traveling. The novel coronavirus pandemic has caught the world by storm and disrupted normal lives. From creating a bloodbath in the stock market to causing major upheavals in the travel and tourism industry, it has shaken most businesses across the globe.

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Safe Car Rental With Ajay Car Rental As Per Who Guideline

By : Admin | 21 Aug 2020

The world has changed post covid19 which has also resulted in changing our behavior; how we live, how we socialize, and how we travel. You may need to hire a car for various reasons whether it is to meet your family or friends or to go to work. Ajay Car Rental can offer you a safer and convenient chauffeur-driven car rental option to suit your requirements.

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Enjoy safe travel with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 05 Aug 2020

The impact of Covid-19 on everyday life has been colossal. It has changed the way we live; the way we work and the way we travel, probably forever. However, after being restricted to our homes for the last couple of months

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Tempo Traveller hire in Delhi: An easy going thing for you

By : Admin | 25 July 2020

Gurgaon is a wonderful city with various kinds of vehicles available for the comfortable journey. Ajay Car Rental is one such trusted car rental company in Gurgaon NCR that makes available various types of vehicles at affordable rates for the people

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Enjoy A Hassle Free Tour with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 20 July 2020

Travel doesn't become enjoyable for you unless you avail the car rental services of a trustworthy car rental company. Gurgaon is one among the most important cities within the country, where you'll find anything from the tiniest to the most important

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Car rental in Gurgaon - Make it easier with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 12 July 2020

Renting a car is not any such baffling problem because it won't be two or three decades back in Gurgaon. This has been made possible thanks to 24X7 availability of car rental services. These services are a boon for all those harried and wearied travellers, who often attend different destinations regarding their work.

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Know About Corporate Car Rental in Gurgaon

By : Admin | 07 July 2020

Spending hours in cabs picking up and dropping off employees that live nowhere on the same route can thus directly affect the productivity of employees. To avoid long routes that are a result of shared cabs,

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Employee Transportation in Gurgaon with Ajay Car Rental

By : Admin | 02 July 2020

Imagine waking up to a good mood on a fresh day, setting out to work, and encountering a delay in public transport due to multitudinous reasons! Who would like to face such an inconvenience during their office hours? Thanks to corporate employee transportation service that not only saves time and increases the efficiency of the employees

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Make your trip memorable with Cabs services in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a wonderful and widest city in India, and it is known as the city where modernization meets history or heritage. It can be noted as a popular tourist destination. In such a city, cab service in Gurgaon is quite frequently demanded by the tourists.

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Benefits of booking a rental car in advance

Are you planning on a trip for the holidays? If yes, there are so many things you need to consider before actually deciding where to reach your holiday destination. With lots of preparations to do, you suddenly realize that your personal vehicle isn’t spacious enough to accommodate the heavy luggage.

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Cab Services in Gurgaon

Ajay Car Rental is one of the best cab services in Gurgaon, providing you luxury cab services. Whether you want a cab service at airport, want a cab for airport transfers, or want transport solutions for weddings, Ajay Car Rental does the job for you by giving the best cab service in Gurgaon.

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Tempo Traveler in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a wonderful city with various kinds of vehicles available for a comfortable and joyful journey. Ajay car Rental is one such trusted car rental company in Gurgaon that makes available various types of vehicles at affordable rates for the people.

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Let’s Fight Together With Coronavirus

At this difficult time when the news of coronavirus is dominated all over the world. We all know that this coronavirus impacted all global community and creates a huge pandemic in all over the world. We at Ajay car rental are aware of the pandemic of coronavirus.

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luxury-car -rental


If you thinks to take a luxury car on rent then there is lots of things you should keep in your mind while renting a car from any dealer or agency. At Ajay car rental offer lots of luxury cars on rent for various purpose.

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Ajay car rental is the leading corporate car rental service provider in Gurgaon, Delhi. We have a large no. of corporate vehicles like- Innova, Innova Crysta, Corolla Altis, Tempo Traveller, Buses, Swift Dzire, Etios, SX4, Camry, Accord, Corolla, and more

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Why Ajay Car Rental For Outstation Tour

There is no one who don’t loves tours. Everyone want to travel and make their life memorable. The tours can be inside a city, may be outside a city or may be outside the country, all tour have great memories

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Explore Incredible India

India is mysterious and multicultural with rich heritage and myriad attractions. It covered from the snow at Himalayan’s height and tropical rainfall in the south. Ajay tour and travel is the best car rental agency

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Wedding Car Rental Tips

Wedding Car Rental Tips

The most unforgettable time of the groom and the bride’s life is the wedding day. Everything should be perfect. One of the most important factors to consider is the mode of transport.

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Best Tempo Traveller Service in Gurgaon/India

India is known as an attractive, cultural and historical country which has many tourist destinations like adventure, wildlife, religious etc in which Mathura, Vrindavan, Agra, Shimla, Manali that are very popular for Holiday Trips.

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