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As Unlocking Almost Over ACR is ready with Corporate Car Rental In Gurgaon

By: Admin | 21 Sep 2021


The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed our work-life balance in many ways such as working from home for a temporary period turned into many long-term situations due to the longer impact of the covid pandemic. But Covid-19 is now gradually easing us and most of the companies are preparing to get back to their corporate working in-office routine and started welcoming their employees back to the office for carrying out their usual work. Although the nation is about to complete the first drive of vaccination to tackle the second wave and prepare ourselves to embrace the post-covid world.

If you are an active corporate employee and wishing to get Corporate Car Rental in Gurgaon for the transportation of your staff, office employees. ACR can assure you to provide the best corporate car rental services. We have been ferrying corporate employees for the past many years and have received the best appraisals regarded as our supreme cars and drivers.

We have been seamlessly efficient in our elegant car rental services for the corporate sector. ACR in Gurgaon serves its services according to the needs of the corporate clients either on a daily basis or long-term requirements for the transportation of corporate staff.

As the unlock is almost over in metro cities the office commuters will prefer public transports for their daily commutation which in return could be a threat of getting covid-19 to other employees too.

Affording a corporate car rental in Gurgaon could prevent the spread of the disease and the creation of hotspots. This is the best time when corporate employees can enjoy rental car services from ACR at the most reasonable price, quick service, hassle-free, and safe car service.

How it will benefit the Corporates while opting for ACR services

ACR Services :
ACR corporate car rental services are present in Delhi/NCR and its neighboring cities.

ACR Flexible Plans:
Corporates can also take long and short-term subscription plans for as low as 1 month and can extend up to the requirement of the corporate. ACR's Safe and Hygiene cars: We are very determined in following all hygiene-related protocols set by the government and delivering cars at the doorsteps.

Multiple Choice of Fleets
Select the car according to the number of employees. We have all cars, not more than two years old you may choose a sedan, SUV, mini traveler according to your requirements.

Easy Booking and Cost-Effective
ACR rental car booking procedure is quite flexible. You may directly call us and fix your booking as well as the desired car.CAR rental charges are reasonable and low budgetary which will free companies from paying EMIs', Maintenance charges, and helps in fuel-saving too.

Ajay car rental in Gurgaon believes in delivering the utmost satisfaction to our corporate clients. Connect with us for corporate car rental and fix your booking for corporates' pick and drop facility.

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