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Vintage Wedding Car Rental


Tips to Choose Vintage Wedding Car Rental

By: Admin | 21 Jan 2021

Vintage Wedding Car Rental

The marriage season has been on and most of us are for sure attending family and friends’ weddings or even ourselves are getting married. Marriage is a significant step that everyone takes and embarks on to a new phase or journey in their lives. Since, it is a once in a lifetime event everyone likes to make it a memorable and grand one and why would not you make it one. You would want everything from your wedding attire, marriage venue, the menu, the decorations, the music, making sure your guests feel comfortable and all of it to be perfect.

All the things aside the main focus in any wedding are the bride and groom. As it is the day of the bride and groom special focus must be on them regarding how they are going to dress up and enter the venue. You could also use the vintage car as a prop for your photoshoots. The entry should be a grand one, something like no one has ever seen before. You can have that grand entry by partnering with Ajay Car Rental and hiring a vintage Wedding Car. The Vintage cars are something that are not usually used in weddings and people are not used to see it but that is what helps to make your wedding a more unique one. Vintage cars are classy, charming but most importantly rare and Ajay Car Rental helps you make your wedding rare with this vintage wedding car service.

Ajay Car Rental has emerged as number one ground transportation service in India with a fleet of 5000 cars spread over 150 cities in India. A service like this is difficult to find but they provide it for you. At Ajay Car Rental you can book your vintage wedding car very easily as vintage cars are different from your regular cars, they are difficult to find and the prices can be soaring but Ajay Car Rental makes it an affordable deal for you. The costs of arranging and planning a wedding are already very high and you would not want to increase your expenses any further but with us you do not have to worry about it as we have a wide range of vintage cars to choose from that will fit in your budget right in. While you have decided to go for a vintage car there are a few things you should keep in mind while booking your vintage car:
● Vintage cars are rare, it is advisable to book as early as possible. This will make sure that you have the car of your choice
● Depending on the need book your number of vintage cars, it depends on whether you want it only for the bride and groom or also for the guest as the number of seats is different in different cars
● Make sure the company you are hiring from provides replacement options if the car that has been selected breaks down or unavailability issues come up
● Make sure the company is licensed
● Most importantly make sure that the charges are legit and you are not being charged more than required
● Before the agreement check the condition of the vehicle

When booking from Ajay Car Rentals:
● You do not have to worry about the condition of the cars
● The cars are in the best shape
● They are regularly serviced and quality checked
● Do not have to worry about high costs, as it is affordable
● We have our vehicles licensed and insured
● You could consider hiring a chauffeur for a hassle-free ride
● You get replacement in case your selected car is unavailable, which by the way is rare

Partnering with Ajay Car Rental will prove to be the best decision you made. A vintage car is an opportunity to make a statement and we will help you do so. We would also make sure to practice your grand entry with the vintage car to make no mistakes on your special day. To book your vintage wedding car visit our website without any hesitations today!
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