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The festive season and the winter holidays are the busiest times in the travel industry. Organizing your holiday to perfection takes time but very often, most of the preparations are done in the last minute. When it comes to accommodation, most of the time, the customers can find amazingly cheap last-minute deals.

On the other hand, in the car rental industry, most of the time, they pay higher rates, when booking just few days before the collection date. Probably, when the customers hear our agents advising that they need to book a.s.a.p. consider this as (more or less) an aggressive sales strategy.

However, this is in fact the best advice the customer receives, even if they don’t know that, just yet.

Many times, we were called to book a car which we quoted few weeks or a month before and the client was disappointed on how high the rate became.

In the peak season, or during important holidays, the car rental rates are higher anyway. Therefore, a last-minute booking will have a bigger impact on the holiday budget. We are working for long enough in this industry to understand the economics behind this.

In general, the car rental rates are influenced by few factors like: the timing of rental (season), location, the type of vehicle you are hiring and customer demand and availability. We are all aware that car rental prices are different from one country to another or that when you hire a larger car it’s going to cost much more than a mini or economy one.

However, many of you are not taking into consideration the demand and availability factors which have a very big influence in how much the car hire price will be.

Why should you book your car rental early?
The main reasons for which, car hire last minute bookings are not a good idea are: Higher Rates & No Availability. To explain this in a simple manner: when there is high demand and low availability, the car hire rates are going to be very high.

If the customer books his car early (a couple of months before Xmas for example or before summer holidays), the rates are low enough as there is plenty of availability. The more car rentals a supplier will sell, the higher the rates will become for the last cars in stock. So, a booking made in the last minute is always going to cost more.

Here at Ajay Car Rental, we will do our very best to accommodate your requests at any time and provide the lowest rates available based on your circumstances. However, the sooner you contact us, the higher the chances are to get the best rates and deals.

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