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Employee Safety - Optimized Route - Real Time Tracking


Employee Safety - Optimized Route - Real Time Tracking


How will you feel if your day to day life revolves around commuting to work and back home? If you are commuting under the stressful condition it is bound to make your entire day unproductive.

Daily workplace commute has become a worldwide downside. whereas technology has brought the world closer, folks still notice it a challenge to commute to and from the workplace on an everyday basis. Over-crowded buses, smothering compartments, perspiring weather and a slow to nearly never-ending traffic! Snaking your way through all of these and still reaching energetic and cheerful to the workplace could be a burdensome task. additionally, it's terribly tough to immediately begin operating upon reaching the workplace after a busy travel. this can be one of the reasons corporations have started adopting dedicated shuttle services for their employees.

Providing shuttle services have some sensible edges. Typically, they begin from easy to access landmarks like bus stops wherever workers are seemingly to assemble for pickup. workers are picked up from the particular landmark and dropped back after the office on the same spot. this can be a convenient choice for the workers because it eases out the strain on them. Providing shuttle services is currently a widely accepted development since each employee and employer see the advantages in it. The environmental edges are obvious- lesser cars burning fuel, space availability in parking heaps, the lesser crowd on the streets. Studies show that ailments like high pressure, anxiety, and depression are related to driving through the traffic on a daily basis.

Here are a few Good Reasons to Offer an Employee Shuttle Service:

1: Employee Well-Being and Productivity:
Shuttles conjointly offer employees the chance to arrange themselves for the day ahead at the workplace. They get an opportunity to relax, check their e-mails, set up the day ahead, catch up on the news and rest for a minute. This stage can facilitate the transition to the work mode much quicker once at the workplace which cannot be the same otherwise.

2: Punctuality:
Getting delayed at traffic junctions and missing and reaching late to workplace affects the work schedules and deadlines. unnecessary to mention, employees using shuttle service notice it convenient to reach their workplace in time. This will increase the passion among employees.

3: Cost Savings:
Providing shuttle services would cut back the price and create employee transportation management expertise better. Shuttles are less costly alternatives- whereas they need the flexibility to increase mileage. For the leader, it's less costly than cab alternates and reimbursements.

4: Reputation:
Introducing an organization shuttle could be a major attraction for prospective candidates. whereas searching for employment, additionally to the remuneration package, different points they think about are the mode of travel, distance to be travelled, timing, etc. The organization becomes a ‘great’ workplace to work in- one that takes care of its employees’ well-being and convenience.

5: Stronger Bond:
Traveling along will be a good way to encourage interaction amongst co-workers. It helps build oneness since the employees are able to know each other better. they're more connected as they pay time outside their work sphere furthermore. This helps them build a bond that fosters cooperation.

6: Environmental Benefits:
The environmental edges of getting a shuttle service are tremendous. for instance, there are thousands of employees operating in the workplace and all of them drive to the workplace in their personal vehicles. This merely suggests additional pollution. Therefore, using shuttle services are more advisory since they contribute less to pollution.

ACR offers AC Bus/Shuttle service for daily workplace commuting at nominal costs and it is really great for your budget planning given you do not have to keep switching between too many public transits.

We at ACR consider your employees as our family and hence provides them with the best transport facilities.

Major amenities offered are mentioned below:
Rostering- Employee Rosters through web or app, Hassle-free app-based booking
• Vehicles details through SMS and email
Routing- Live tracking, review routes, assign vendors, make changes if required
• End to End transport solution
• Clean AC transport
• Best client Support
• On-time pickup and drop
Comfortable to commute – you don’t have to worry about surge price bombs, pollution or parking stress. Just sit back and relax.

ACR assures you the best commuting experience!!