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Hire Tempo Traveler By Ajay Car Rental


Why Hire Tempo Traveler By Ajay Car Rental

By: Admin | 17 May 2021


Who doesn’t like travelling? All of us are avid travellers but often don’t get much of a chance to venture out especially with our families or friends. Blame it on our busy schedules and erratic work timings that keep us tied down and don’t allow us to travel much. Another issue that often crops up is the means of transport, travelling alone isn’t a lot of fun and travelling with a group of people requires adequate transportation.

Ajay Car Rental, owner of the largest fleet of buses and services in Gurgaon and NCR, can help you tick off that one issue from your list that prevents you from travelling. We provide Tempo Traveller on rent in Gurgaon at reasonable rates/fares for travelers ranging from a group of 8 to 16. The tempos are a safe and comfortable means of undertaking journeys with a small group of people. They provide you with a relaxing carefree ambience unlike the restrictions that one faces in a smaller vehicle.

The tempos come with large comfortable seats with headrest and neck rest. Each seat comes with an individual safety belt to assure a safe ride. Travellers can easily make themselves comfortable in the pushback and sofa seats that provide adequate leg space no matter how long the journey is. The tempos are fully air-conditioned which adds to the comfort of the travellers.

Every trip requires a transport and also someone to drive it around, because of which the journey is not always a fun experience for that one single person burdened with the responsibility of driving the vehicle. Our professionally trained drivers can ease that worry of yours, well versed with routes and traffic rules, they assure a smooth and accident-free journey. The drivers are also polite and happy to assist you in every way. So, book a tempo with Ajay Car Rental and take that trip that you have been putting off for a while.

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