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Corporate Employee Transportation


Corporate Employee Transportation Services With ACR

By: Admin | 03 Sep 2021


Ajay car rental exceptionally developed an honest trust with more than thousands of corporate offices across metro cities in delivering safe and secure employee transportation services in Gurgaon. ACR is equipped with a full range of different vehicles from 4 to 50 seaters and is efficient in operating both luxury and regular segments. Ensuring our customers get a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. Most ACR vehicles are less than three years old and are equipped with services like GPS, mobile charging points, water bottles, sanitizers, newspapers, and other amenities for the staff's convenience.

ACR gained a mainstream incorporate staff transportation services across numerous locations in Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad, Agra, Jaipur, Dehradun, Karnal, Chandigarh, Lucknow, and many more, by providing transport services for their employees. Over the years ACR has become a leading provider of corporate fleet management services with several support services like roster planning & customized solutions to provide the best analysis to its clients. In Gurgaon, ACR covers approximately 80% of the BPO transport segment while it covers 50% of the other corporate transport market. ACR currently holds a fleet size of more than 1000 vehicles. All our vehicles are intact with means of communication such as cordless phones that abide by all legal formalities such as registration of vehicles as tourist vehicles with the local RTO authorities and documents required by all relevant statutory authorities, including comprehensive insurance cover covering individual staff under the insurance umbrella.

All our vehicles are always kept in clean and well-maintained condition with contributing special regards to the appearance, upholstery, and flooring with an easy and user-friendly system.ACR always looks to ensure optimum and consistent service standards and also adhering strict compliance norms of dedicated rental cars and no sharing of cabs with other companies.

To ensure optimal service to our clients, our new driving staff has a mandatory training period of 30 days after their induction. They are trained in route map analysis, vehicle tracking, pick-up, and drop coordination, safety measures, vehicle coordination, vehicle paper updation, etc.

Familiarization with the routes, Safety while driving, road signs, measures to be taken to avoid accidents, Action to be taken in case of accident / break-downs, cleanliness, behavior towards the superiors and employees. ACR prefers an automated MIS and billing support system which helps in populating the trip data, Statutory compliance, Technology compliance. The trip ends with OTA getting captured and it also helps to maintain Employees wise, cost center wise, Vendor wise reports, and much more!!

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