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Employee Transportation


Employee Transportation with Ajay Car Rental

By: Admin | 24 May 2021


Imagine all your employees of the company are on time daily. They are completely free from all the worries related to transportation, security and inconvenience during their office commute. We have made this possible now, with our customized daily commute transportation management we solve the problem of your employee's commute stress and make them reach the office fresh and energetic.

There are various modes of commute you can choose among different grades of employees and their commute distance, such as
• Hatchback Cars
• Sedan Cars
• Tempo Traveller
• Bus

Employees Personal vehicles (Working under our employee transportation Fleet Management system)
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Why Ajay Car Rental for daily employee transportation?
Let us focus on why you need Ajay Car Rental commute solutions.
Because following are the consequences and issues when your employee himself faces the daily challenges of commute :
- Daily commutes of around 15 miles can make employees less physically active and prone to have obesity and unhealthy waist size
- Wrong posture balance while commuting increases neck and back pain incidents
- Even a 10 miles long stressful commute can increase the blood pressure of your employees
- A long commute is linked with a higher level of subjective health complaints which needs to be taken care
- Unplanned commute increases exposure to harmful air pollution

Commuting not only affects employees but also hampers your business. Here are some common consequences your company might also be facing due to wrong or no commute management:
Missed Workdays
It is already understood that wrong commutes or public transportation is a discomfort for every employee which causes stress and unhappiness. So some of your employees may take sudden leaves owing to their ill-health due to avoiding the long commute.
Solution: Needs entertaining and fixing scheduled commutes with wake up calls, Time left notifications, Mediative and Motivating Environment.

Difficulty in Hiring
Almost 39% - 49% of employees want to work near homes, states a survey conducted by Clutch. The survey suggests that companies face difficulty in hiring those good employees who need to commute long to reach the office.
Solution: Announcing the company provides commutes.. However the half, partial or full money on their commute is deducted from their salary is a matter of discussion.

High Attrition Rates
Another Survey suggests nearly one-quarter of workers left their jobs because of a bad commute. So if your employees are commuting long to reach the office, it can increase attrition rates in your organization automatically without anyone noticing the real reason.
Solution: Providing surprises on the way to the office, right music in the vehicle and fun activities all the way with a smooth and customized experience.

Increased Error Rates
It is proven that employees are less focused after a stressful long commute. So spending a long time reaching the office can increase the error rates of your employees.
Solution: Planned traffic free geofencing routes while commuting and..Or time for time engagement the morning meetings/Briefing can be done on a television of a Traveller. (For long route commute)

Low Productivity and Loss In Revenue
Stressed employees especially in the morning cannot give their 100% to the work they are assigned to. Due to ill-health caused by commutes can also reduce employees’ productivity which is unexplainable and hard to monitor. So long commutes can eventually be the reason for revenue loss in your organization.
Solution: All solutions for above four points.

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