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Let’s Fight Together With Coronavirus


Let’s Fight Together With Coronavirus


At this difficult time when the news of coronavirus is dominated all over the world. We all know that this coronavirus impacted all global community and creates a huge pandemic in all over the world. We at Ajay car rental are aware of the pandemic of coronavirus. We all know how all the global community and government sectors taking the step to control and prevent this pandemic of coronavirus.

The safety of our customers and employees is our first priority and we are highly active on social media, news, guidance, and advice from the government and world health organization regarding this pandemic.

We are closely monitoring the advice, recommendations, and situations of our recognized authorities. This makes us aware all about the preventions of the spreading of covid-19 in our country.

There are some measures which we follow-
• We regularly sanitize our whole branch to minimize the virus transmission
• We ensure that our all employees will follow the instruction of WHO like do not touch their nose, eyes and mouth, and not to shake hand with any one, and wash their hand on regular basis.
• We have reduced our staff due to the covid-19 pandemic.

How We Will Deal When You Need a Car In An Emergency

What if you need a car in emergency?
Don’t worry we have best solution for this situation. We will offer you the proper sanitized car with high quality disinfecting agents. We are maintaining lots of policies to prevent the transmission of the virus. We are following the “zero contact” policy in which we are maintaining the zero contact with anyone. We also focus on car keys which are always sealed in a box once it disinfected.

We are washing our car on a regular basis not only from outside but from inside also and every inch of interiors are disinfected by high-quality agents by our staff.

On other-hand we always request you to stay at home and stay safe until there is no emergency. We have to fight together with this real pandemic which is spread internationally.

If you have already booked your car and plan has been cancel due to this pandemic?

Want a car on rent from Ajay car rental during these pandemics? Are your planned trip, tour, and weekends are affected by Coronavirus pandemic? If yes, then you can do modification with your booked car and you can postponed booking or you can also cancel it if you want. You can also change your bookings at any time on our website, on-call or you can also E-mail us regarding your modifications.

At last, we only want to say that we have to fight together with this coronavirus then we will win over this pandemic and after that our city, state, country and all over the world can be safe and healthy again.