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Can you pick up and drop off a Rental Car from a different location or city?

By: Admin | 27 Dec 2021


Yes, you can pick up and drop off a rental car from a different location. Hiring a car to enjoy every place a city has or the desired destination is always a great choice. However, sometimes you’ll find yourself thinking of returning the rental car to a different location or state may be easier than driving back to where you pick up location.

Ajay car rental is equipped with multitarchy car rental services in Gurgaon. It enables frequent travelers, tourists, and bag-packers to have all multi-rental car services from pick-up, drop-off, or even returning to a different location. Moreover, it facilitates the customers to book a one-way car rental in Gurgaon and save their precious time and money.

Some Queries While Booking A Rental Car
Is it more expensive to drop off a rental car at different locations?
No, usually Ajay car rental in Gurgaon charges a return fee in the most economical manner, but it depends on the pick-up and drop-off location, date of booking, type of car fleet, and more.

Can you return a car to a different city or state?
Yes, Ajay Car Rental offers its customers one-way car rental services to any location or state according to their comforts or destinations. From picking up from different locations and dropping to the original city.

Can you rent a car without paying for the untravelled side?
As the rules vary a lot depending on the location, we always suggest our customers check the specific policies of each city, state, and point of location.

Can you hire a one-way car rental?
From, you can simply search and fix your booking for a One Way Car Rental in Gurgaon. Ajay Car Rental chauffeurs are highly professionals with over five years of experience. In addition, we keep all covid safety protocols to maintain a safe and happy journey.

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