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Tips for Saving on Rental Car


Tips for Saving Money on Rental Car Service in Gurgaon

By: Admin | 29 Nov 2020


In today’s time, car rentals are the easiest and the most convenient way of traveling. Whenever looking for local travel, outstation, airport transfers, or wedding purposes, you can take the help of affordable car rentals in Gurgaon at Ajay Car Rental easily and make your travel even more comfortable and memorable. In Gurgaon, indeed there are a lot of car rental service providers, but you need to be very careful before hiring your choice of car on rent in Gurgaon.

Hiring a car on rent in Gurgaon undeniably is very beneficial as the car rental company provides you with an experienced driver, who has good experience of long tours in India. Apart from this, a reputed car rental service provider always offers its clients the best deals on car rental services as compared to local cabs or taxis. Below we have compiled a list of how we can save money on car rental in Gurgaon.

Tips For saving on Car Rental Service in Gurgaon

Beware of Hidden Fees or Extra Charges
Make it a point to clear all your doubts with the car rental company with regard to any extra charges or hidden fees such as service tax, toll tax, driver’s extra charges, and more. To avoid any tensions afterward, it is advised to already be familiar with these things beforehand as these charges are effective at the time of travel.

Choose car as per need
Well, it might seem to be a normal thing, but sometimes we fail to choose the right vehicle while renting one for ourselves. So, it is important to choose an appropriate car rental for your travel needs. Make sure that you are booking an appropriate car for yourself depending on the number of members who will be traveling with you. Thus, always keep in your mind about members and hire affordable cars as per your need and budget, and do not forget that you need to have room for the luggage and children with you.

Compare daily v/s weekly rental rates
It is a fact that you can crack a great deal while hiring a car on rent in Gurgaon if you do on a weekly basis. The reason being, they’ll charge you on a weekly basis and it is indeed a better bargain than their daily car rental rate. At times, car rental companies might also offer rock bottom rates on the weekends, so if at all your dates are flexible, this could definitely work in your favor.

Always inspect for damages
Don’t be in a rush once you receive the car and take some time to inspect for damages as this might protect you against false claims later. Don’t forget to make a video on your phone by taking a quick walk around the car.

Research special offers
Before finalizing your deal, make sure that you’ve researched well for the best deal or any special offers available.

It is very essential to follow the tips and tricks discussed above before hiring a Car on Rent in Gurgaon. Our company is the most trustworthy and reliable which always take care of their customer in every situation. We assure you the maximum enjoyment while traveling through Ajay Car Rentals.
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