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Plan An Outstation Trip


Things You Should Do Before You Plan For An Outstation Trip

By: Admin | 9 June 2021


Choose correct type of car based on the number of travelers
Road trips are no fun if the journey is uncomfortable and hence you need to make sure that the car is big enough for your group. At the same time, you must also ensure that you do not end up booking a large car for merely two to three people. Those with a good amount of luggage and bags should avoid hatchbacks and go for bigger cars only. Choosing between a petrol and diesel variant is also incredibly imperative.

Confirm if the company offer one-way trips
A lot of companies only offer round trips, especially to the smaller towns and lesser visited places and this means that you would end up paying more for a round trip when you only wanted to be dropped at your destination. You must hence pick a car rental service that offers you One Way cab hire as well. We are one of the taxi companies, offering taxi services in multiple destinations, ensuring that you get dropped wherever you want to.

Emergency contact details
Irrespective of whether you have some people with you on your road trip, you must carry emergency contact details on your person mandatorily. Especially for a solo traveler, this is one of the most essential road trip tips. We store our emergency contacts in our phones, and our phones are often locked so it’s a good idea to write down this information and keep it in a wallet, bag, carry-on, or even in pocket.

Additional costs involved
When you are planning to travel by taxi, take into consideration all the costs involved. Find out if your taxi service takes care of the fuel charges or if you have to pay for fuel on the way. This is another reason why you need to chalk out your own route so that you can find one with the maximum number of fuel stations. You should also find out if there are any toll gates on the way and if you plan on eating in a restaurant or cafe on the way. Factor all these costs into your trip so that you have a proper estimate of how much money you will need.

Check the weather at your preferred destination
Now that you can see the forecast at least 10 days in advance with the help of technology, you should have no trouble packing for your trip. This way, you can even decide whether those extra layers or an umbrella or raincoat are necessary.

Make a checklist of items to take along
Include all the essential items such as your photo identification card, travel itinerary, prescription medications, first-aid supplies, chargers, earphones, adapters, clothing, toiletries, and so on as per your requirements. Double check your list to make sure that you do not forget anything important on the trip.

Airport pickup
A lot of times, we end up wasting our time in a new destination by driving from the city airport to the center of the city and after that, we hire a taxi to go to another city where we want to. It is hence, much more convenient to book a taxi which picks you up from the airport itself thereby letting you save on your time and not having to pay an exorbitant amount merely for the airport transfers to the city you desire to visit. So pick the right car rental service like Ajay Car Rental that makes sure you get a hassle free traveling experience with us.