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Rent Car To Discover Delhi


Get A Car For Rent To Discover Delhi

By: Admin | 23 Sept 2022

Rent car To Discover Delhi

If you are new to Delhi and want to discover the city without any interference from tour guides, you have come to the right place. At Ajay Car Rental, you can rent a car yourself or get a designated driver and explore the city all on your own. Here we have answered a few questions that customers usually have about renting cars with Ajay Car Rental.

What paperwork is required to book a car with Ajay Car Rental?
At the time of pick-up, we ask for an Aadhar card for confirmation along with a picture of your actual driver's license, a valid form of identification, and your address. Just enter your pick-up and drop-off locations for a chauffeured vehicle and take pleasure in the ride.

What Paperwork Is Necessary to Rent a Self-Drive Car in Delhi?
You must first be 21 years old if you want to rent an automobile in Delhi. Secondly, an Aadhaar number must be provided during the reservation process, and when the car is delivered to your home, you must present your driver's license.

Where in Delhi do you offer delivery service for self-driving cars?
Ajay Car Rental offers the unique service of pick-up and drop-off of the self-drive vehicle of your choosing at the chosen place. Your door is personally delivered with the car.

How Much Does a Self-Drive Car Rental in Delhi Cost for a Week?
While automobile rentals can last for as little as one day, on our website you can find specifically curated rates for rentals lasting a week or longer under the category prices. All cities, including Delhi, can use the prices.

What Are My Options for Local Self-Drive Car Rentals?
Delhi residents can rent vehicles in 6 simple steps:
1. Open the Ajay Car Rental website.
2. Decide on a city.
3. Choose the date.
4. Examine several makes of vehicles
5. Reserve and Pay
6. Have it delivered to you.

Is it Possible to Get a Monthly "Car Rental" in Delhi?
For all of your travel requirements, Ajay Car Rental offers a comprehensive logistics solution. Either reserve a long-term rental or rent one of our vehicles daily, based on your requirements.