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New Spin To Your Journey With Ajay Car Rental


Give A New Spin To Your Journey With Ajay Car Rental

By: Admin | 14 May 2021


One of the most cherished memories of childhood is always the long-awaited family trips. Everyone coming together after a long time and travelling together with a lot of fun and frolic is what makes them so special. As a kid, meeting all my cousins was a major part of such trips, laughing, screaming and singing during the long bus drives and staying glued to the window and watching the scenery around with fascination has left beautiful imprints on my mind. I am quite certain that there are many more who have strong nostalgic memories of such journeys that they once undertook.

One can only imagine how beautiful it would be to not just stay in those distant memories but to recreate them by taking another family trip once again. Ditch the car and instead rent a bus service and get the entire extended family together for a beautiful journey. Leave all the anxiety and work far behind and indulge in the most serene and refreshing travel experience sitting in large comfortable chairs with headrest and ample space. Take a peek at the view that the large windows provide you with and lose yourself in that mesmerizing beauty.

All this and much more is possible when you choose to travel with Ajay Car Rental, the best Car Rental in Gurgaon, our Mercedes Benz Bus, Luxury Volvo Bus and AC bus are an amazing package of comfort and luxury. Absolutely spacious and well-designed interio/urs give off a very homely vibe where everyone can feel quite at ease. With a reclining backseat and ample space for leg movement, one can forget all worries about cramps and other problems that being cramped in a small space during long journeys occurs. All our coaches are fully equipped with A/Cs and heaters which ensures that the atmosphere inside is always comfortable and cosy. We have ensured everything to make sure that those who travel with us not just have a safe and happy trip but make memories that last forever.

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