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Safe Car Rental With Ajay Car Rental As Per Who Guideline

By: Admin | 21 Aug 2020


The world has changed post covid19 which has also resulted in changing our behavior; how we live, how we socialize, and how we travel. You may need to hire a car for various reasons whether it is to meet your family or friends or to go to work. Ajay Car Rental can offer you a safer and convenient chauffeur-driven car rental option to suit your requirements. Car rental has also undergone many changes and Ajay Car Rental has updated its safety procedures with its fleet of cars as well as our drivers. With the Government relaxing restrictions on businesses activities, finding a safe and reliable car rental service for your employees and guests can become a hassle. With the car being used by hundreds of people daily, there is a risk of your employees catching the Corona Virus on their way to work in an app-based car-rental service.

But don’t worry! Ajay Car Rental, the best car rental in Gurgaon, is there to help to provide you or your employees travel to work in safe environment.
● We ensure daily mandatory screening of drivers and office staff through thermal scanners.
● Before each ride, all our vehicles are cleaned with a disinfecting solution to minimize the threat of the virus. All touchpoints of the car, as suggested by WHO, such as door handles, touch screens, gear shifters and seats are sanitized.
● Drivers have been instructed to wear a mask and keep their hands clean at all times. They have been provided with their personal bottle of hand-sanitizers to ensure the same.
● We ensure that all our guests boarding the car to disinfect their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

By Following these 4 steps religiously, we are providing the safest means of commuting for your guests and employees. Give us a call to book a safest ride during this pandemic.
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