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Employee Transporation Service in Gurgaon


With ACR, Your Employees Won’t Have Trouble Reaching the Office

By: Admin | 18 June 2022

Employee Transportation Service in Gurgaon

When your employees face problems commuting to the office, it affects their productivity. Not only productivity but simultaneously, they get tired and often feel more pressured. It is evident how pressure often leads to procrastination and poor work delivery. This could be dreadful to your business. Especially when you operate from a community centre or an industrial location. The problem seems gigantic when you have a good bunch of employees. They come from different places, maybe far-off or maybe nearby. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to take care of and protect your employees before they get exhausted.

The first thing in this process is to make their commute hassle-free. Because commuting is a part of an employee’s working cycle, we shouldn’t compromise on it. We at Ajay Car Rental Gurgaon understand this very well. Hence, we strive to help businesses make their employees’ way to the office smooth and secure.

We are the leading Employee Transport Service in Gurgaon provider in India with 1000+ Cars and over 5000 employees commuting. With Ajay Car Rentals, you get outstanding Employee Transportation Service in Gurgaon with quality services which include - Roster Facility through Web and App. IVR and SMS based Cab tracking. In-App Panic button to report any inconvenience. One-Click routing based on constraints and much more.

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