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Tourist Spots in India


Fascinating Tourist Spots in India

By: Admin | 9 March 2022

Places to visit in India with Ajay Car Rental

India is a nation brimming with culture, food, traditions, diversities, and so forth. In any case, there is one more aspect of India that we have continued to neglect for quite a while now. This is its untold truths to its places that have driven all the time to a mysterious discussion among old stories and science. In this article, we are taking a diversion to a portion of the unseen spots in India which will certainly make you visit it once.

1.Roopkund Lake – Uttarakhand
Set in the midst of the pinnacles of strong heaps of Himalaya, Roopkund lake holds the secret that returns us to the Paleolithic age. Indeed, you heard it right and that is the motivation behind why this spot is additionally called 'Skeleton Lake' or 'Secret Lake' as you can detect the strange skeletons of humans and horses from the Paleolithic age. One of the unseen spots in north India, this spot will most likely provide you with a mix of both a mystical and fascinating perspective on the mountain landscape encompassed by a stone-flung glacier. The spot is a famous spot for travelers.

2.Lonar Lake-Maharashtra
One of the most entrancing delightful tourist spots on the earth Lonar in Maharashtra is renowned for a crater which is presently a lake and prominently called Lonar Lake. The present crater was shaped 52,000 years ago because of an impact of a shooting star on a superficial level. The spot holds a fascination with numerous tourists as well as researchers. As of now the lake which is the only salty lake in the basaltic rock on the earth has become pink overnight and is getting renown presently becoming one of the most visited spots of the state. Aside from the lake, the spot is additionally brimming with regular magnificence with green lushes and verdure and faunas. You can likewise detect some natural lifelike snakes, foxes, mongooses around the popular sanctuary of Gaumukh. Lonar is a spot for individuals watching out to investigate unexplained regular secrets.

3.Dhanushkodi- TamilNadu
Dhanushkodi is famous for its unmatched beauty with the Indian Ocean on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other side. It is believed to be the place where lord Rama ordered Lord Hanuman to build a bridge to Sri Lanka so that his army may proceed towards Lanka to Invade Ravana and bring goddess Sita back.

4.Magnetic hill of Leh – Ladakh
Magnetic hill in Ladakh is located near Leh. It is a Cyclops hill and objects and cars seem to move uphill showing defiance to the laws of Gravity. Trip to Leh Ladakh by road and to the magnetic hill is something you should do once in your lifetime.

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