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GPS enabled Car Rental


Share your live location with GPS enabled Car Rental

By: Admin | 15 April 2021


Alike most of her friends, Kavya loves traveling. To an extent, that every opportunity is met with an on-road journey to new locations, into the woods, the mountains, or the adjoining cities. As the peak of her journey with exuberance, her parent’s panic peaks in worry.

But will her parents panic if they're going to keep an eye fixed on her while she is traveling? Is it possible that her parents don’t just rest assured of her safety but also equipped to know where she is? Yes, with the newly enabled Ajay Car Rental GPS tracking feature, her parent’s exuberance peaks alongside her journeys.

Ajay Car Rental - the best car rental in Gurgaon understands that long journeys are uncertain and zip holds more importance than the security of the passengers. Therefore, to serve your better, we’ve added yet another key feature on our app which allows passengers and their relations to track their journeys in real-time.

How it works

When you book your Ajay Car Rental ride, you’re assigned a driver, whose confirmation involves you with a ride tracking link. the same link is often used to track your driver. And using the same link, even without the Ajay Car Rental app, your parents & loved ones can track your ride movements.

Some of the key advantages of the GPS tracking link

You don’t get to wait as you can always track the movement of your driver and plan accordingly. During your travel with Ajay Car Rental, your parents and loved ones can access your movements. There is no limitation on the number of people who can use the GPS tracking link.

The Ajay Car Rental app isn't mandatory for you or your loved ones to use the GPS tracking link. Do you think this feature will encourage more freedom for women who travel alone? If you're feeling this feature is critical within the Indian Travel Landscape, then don’t forget to share it with friends and family.

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