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Things To Check Before Hiring Self Drive Car


Things You Should Check Before Hiring Self Drive Car

By: Admin | 3 Aug 2021


One of the crucial parts of a journey is safety and the vehicle that we have hired for our journey and tour purposes. The hired vehicle should be up-to-date lawfully. Most of the time due to lack of awareness or rush routine we forget the basic things while making a journey or tour and we end up with mess or disappointment. We should have a checklist for our hired cab or self-driving car before making any long journey so as to avoid all the unnatural interruptions and our journey remains soothing and peaceful.These are a few steps you may check before making any tour for your destination.

1) Rent Car From A Registered Tour & Travel Company:
Before making a booking for a self-drive car or outstation cab, check if the company is registered or not. Make a google check, go through its websites, online office locations, google reviews, if any of your knowns had taken services know about pros and cons about its services.

2) Demand The Car According To Your Choice:
According to the road trip or your tour demand for the car, you are comfortable while driving for long distances and hilly areas or hire according to the number of people traveling with you. Try to choose a spacious car when you are more in numbers. Different cars have different rates for the sedan, travelers, etc. Make sure to discuss the rental car rates before you make a choice. Diesel Cars could be more economical for your journey and would impact less on your journey budget.

3) Check Thoroughly Is There Any Hidden Charges or Not:
When we make any self-drive car booking or hire outstation cabs, travel companies may ask for security deposits, accidental damage, accidental insurance, etc., overall it can raise the car rental charges. Make sure you are aware of all charges applicable on renting a car or hiring. Read all the terms and conditions, checking all the factors to make sure you are being rightly charged.

4) Look For Damages The Car You Hired:
Before making any trip or planned journey check for all damages if your hired cab or self-driving car has. Mention to the travel company executives about all damages and dents of the car so that you won't be charged against it. Check all the essential parameters of a car such as brakes, clutches, handbrake, lock sensors, oil level, Fog light working, wheel pressure, etc. Making your journey safe and secure without facing a hurdle.

5) Is Required Rental Car Documents Are Up-to-Date:

● Rental Car Driver’s valid Driving Licence
● Rental Car Registration Certificate
● Rental Car Tax Receipt
● Rental Car Fitness Certificate
● Rental Car Authorization Letter From RTO
● Rental Car Valid Insurance
● Rental Car Agreement

For all the above-discussed checklist, make sure you go through all the factors before making a booking for self drive car rental in Gurgaon or hiring an outstation cab. Ajay Car Rental in Gurgaon is always there to help you with all your queries related to the self-driving rental car and has served and continues to serve the most genuine and trusted rental car services.

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